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You don’t stop hiking when you get old poster


(Frameless) You don’t stop hiking when you get old poster full size. Every room deserves to be special, make your room pretty with this poster.

Next time you hear someone tell you to “take a hike,” you might want to thank them for looking out for your health. That’s because going on a hike offers tremendous benefits for your physical and mental health and well-being.

Health Benefits of Hiking

  • Increases fitness: Just one hour of trekking can burn well over 500 calories, depending on the level of incline and the weight of the pack you’re carrying. Hiking trails are often softer on joints than asphalt or concrete, so it’s easier on your ankles and knees compared to running. If you head for the hills, weight loss results are even better. Not only are you burning serious calories, but altitude itself has also proven to be a weight loss ally.
  • Take control of your workouts: With hiking, you can chart your own course: Is it a slowly inclining scenic trail or a steep trek up a mountain? And you set your own pace and distance, as well. Whether you decide on an afternoon hike, a weekend in the woods, or a long distance experience, you aren’t listening to a bossy fitness trainer tell you to work harder.
  • Tones the whole body: Regular walking can get your butt in better shape, but taking on sharp inclines, using trekking poles to propel you forward, and clambering over rocks gives your body an all-over workout. Physiologically, you’re going to work your whole body, especially the lower body — namely the quads, glutes and hamstrings. If you’re carrying a pack, then you’re going to challenge the strength and endurance of your upper body as well.
  • Helps prevent and control diabetes: Regular hiking helps you control, or even prevent, diabetes by lowering your blood sugar levels. Hiking gives your muscles a workout, which moves glucose from your bloodstream for energy.

You don’t stop hiking when you get old poster

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