Black Cat Be Strong Be Brave Be Humble Be Badass Poster


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I’ve been skydiving and bungee jumping, tree top zip lining a bunch of stuff and some of the scenes in this one left me sweating . And when I thought nothing could top the last two movies, F7 arrives. The fight between Dom and Deckerd Shaw takes epic proportions. This one even had the ending I always dreamed off for a brief moment. Dom dies! But once Paul died, I didn’t think it w… See More. Ride out together! . Absolutely!!!!! Watched a couple of your FF this weekend. I can’t pass them up when your on!. I very much agree with you, having a family of life is the most impressive and beautiful thing that reaches the heart and without warning … oh, there is so little left for the movie. Greetings to the whole family, fast and furious Vin!. I am sorry every time I see Fast 7 I cried at the beach Sean because all of my Fast Furious Family put there heart’s to saying they will see there Family Paul again but that was there way of saying we miss you Brain aka Paul Walker all love … See More Black Cat Be Strong Be Brave Be Humble Be Badass Poster

Black Cat Be Strong Be Brave Be Humble Be Badass Poster

Black Cat Be Strong Be Brave Be Humble Be Badass Poster 3

I’ll watch anything once Vin Diesel is in it. He looks amazing as always. Can’t wait to see this one.. Wow amazing I see an oscar for this movie congrats vin. Similar to Universal Soldiers that had Jean Claude Van Damme and RoboCop in one…… Looking forward to this movie coming out 2020!!! Finally Vin Diesel!!!. Going to awesome. Can’t wait to see it. As always from one Angel to another Ty Vin.. Cannot wait to see this awesome looking movie. Vin is the best!. well i guess the trailer burned some of the plot but as alwyas love vin diesel and i like the red vibe in colors. Looks good vin is looking gorgeous as always. I’m seeing this in IMAX Can’t wait !!!!!! Time to get some Diesel on !!!!!!. As always babe brilliant your work outstanding makes fans proud me always proud. My heartbeat sped up. Yes, sir. We will be seeing this. Black Cat Be Strong Be Brave Be Humble Be Badass Poster

Black Cat Be Strong Be Brave Be Humble Be Badass Poster

Black Cat Be Strong Be Brave Be Humble Be Badass Poster

One more ride, it will quench my thirsty for fast and furious! Wow….. am so excited and expectant of more action, much love for you guys. I can’t wait to watch it. I love this fleeting and furious sagua. Now that’s an awesome picture I’d love to have that shot hanging on my wall….. Vin you make these films Hobbs and Shaw was OK but I missed a bit of the Diesel . Fast and Furious is my live . I still want to punch you for turning your back on the fam in 8…even though I know why you did. I don’t know if I’m ready for 9!. Think it’s time for these to stop now. I love fast and furious but it’s not the same any more . Counting down… Can’t wait…. Another add to my collection. Keep them films coming and leading with love..@vindiesel. If he still exists, He probably sits next to you on a movie poster.

Black Cat Be Strong Be Brave Be Humble Be Badass Poster 1

Can’t wait for its release.. I can’t wait for it to come out. I love vin diesel movies and he’s a lovely actor as well.. I am looking forward to see it. Great clip.. Love vin diesel and it’s out on my sons 18th birthday. you are my Idol and one of my favorite Hollywood Actor Vin Diesel. Love you. I cant wait to watch this.. From Manila philippines. Yes! More action from Vin Diesel, thank you! Can’t wait to see this roll on February!! . The movie looks amazing . Wow what crazy graphics, looks really perfect and with my favorite actor. Waiting to see already.. This movie looks so Badass!! I can’t wait to see it once it comes out!! . Definitely going to see it, Mr Vin Diesel is my favourite actor & can’t wait to see fast 9. Looks good I can’t wait to see this one! Oh yeah I Love movies with Vin Diesel! Oh yeah!

I’m a little late to the F&F party…don’t think i should’ve started with F7 though. Gonna have to go and start at the beginning . I love my Fast Furious Family ride or die qouter mile is not that far when you got the best crew your Family to back you up Fast 9 baby bring on the thunder. Reed Snyder this is us!. I hated and loved that movie! Not sure If Lettie is good or bad, then to have her come back to the family which is always a great ending!!. enjoying your movies from kenya you are the best. We in Indonesia wanting to watch in Movies. Getting a bit old isnt it same old shit just different scenery. I am starting the day off just right by seeing one of my favorite scenes with the tank. Always makes me laugh. I love everyone one of them. All I want from Santa this year is a bunch of movie tickets to see ALL the new Vin Diesel / Mark Sinclair Vincen… See More

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