Drum Be Strong Be Brave Be Humble Be Badass Poster


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Congratulations you all deserve it. Following you fron Spain . You are so humble and have such a good heart. Congratulations on the award and also for sharing it with everyone involved in the Saga.. Congratulations Vin and everyone in the fast family. . You are just so freaking AWESOME!. Congratulations! that’s awesome u guys all work so hard well deserved!. Great congratulations thank you for posting. Congrats mi amor. Wishing you peace and love. You guys keep up the great work. Can you send me a voice message on messenger, i love your voice. Muah Besos. Congratulations and love you amazing job. Congratulations here from Greenland . Awesomely you gorgeous man, you deserve and congratulations call me . Congratulations my love blessing l love so much kisses . Congratulations thanks you are special for my wonderful. Congratulations you are beautifull. Congratulations that’s amazing that was so well deserved and you are the best Drum Be Strong Be Brave Be Humble Be Badass Poster

Drum Be Strong Be Brave Be Humble Be Badass Poster

Drum Be Strong Be Brave Be Humble Be Badass Poster 3

I am stunned at I read this that you both haven’t been recognized by the academy!!! You are two of my all time favorite actors … and decent humans! Drum Be Strong Be Brave Be Humble Be Badass Poster salute you both!. I lovu both, are special pero for me. Sandy from Puerto Rico. Both of them in Fast 9 is going to be awesome. I kinda wish it was coming out this yr. Not next year.. Can’t wait for #FAST9 and just as much #Riddick4 . I would love to see you on planet #Furya. . As an only child, I wish I had what you both have. You both are amazing brothers to each other, love, honour and respect. Xxx. In my eyes Vin, you are my hero. You are humble and most kind. An Oscar does not deserve you. You are way beyond that. You are the splitting image of my late brother Brian. US Navy SEAL RIP. I love everything you do. You see such good in others.

Drum Be Strong Be Brave Be Humble Be Badass Poster

Drum Be Strong Be Brave Be Humble Be Badass Poster 2

Huỳnh Chí Hào Lê Viết Thanh Cao. Nicole Dreischarf
Vin diesel you really are the best actor i have ever seen. Keep up the good movies. The Film bloodshot turnen out great.
Pause GIF. Sooo its a robot zombie version of A Man Apart? I’m still gonna watch it though. How did the uncle navigator get in a movie like this? Unless hes still the great disappointment. Always enjoy vin diesel movies always the best.. Can’t wait. Wow !!Wow! Amazing it’s so different from his movies it will be great movie good luck Vin diesel I can’t wait to see the movie bloodshot . Mark I do have to say that your acting just gets more superb with each movie you’re in…You always amaze me because you just make each character that you play come to life…I love you more each time I see you playing a different role and just making … See More

Drum Be Strong Be Brave Be Humble Be Badass Poster 1

You are both doing a great job – keep doing what you really love . Vin Diesel I know fast 9, it will be a box office hit, my angel
because I know you, you are a master of magic, so go ahead with everything you have the best, Talent and love in what you do. Beautiful! Here hoping he come on board for a part!. My sweetheart love you . Its sound like your brother is Awensome.I have seen some of the FF and it was great looking forward to see #9.. Vin, he’s been nominated for Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor.. Your both amazing and very talented men. My God bless you both. Stay humble and keep spreading love.. Warms my heart to see you smile again how have you been what I can see total happiness miss our talks . Never let go of a true friend, even if you don’t see them all the time as long as they are in your heart they will always be there.

The Academy is not a representation of 100% of people.. two handsome and loving hearts of men. . Want to make Fast 9 good? Get Robert in the film.. I love both of you and feel like you’re that person you are playing. There are actor’s then there are you guys.. omg love you Vin you are Beautiful….. love you… Think you are so awesome Love your movies. Truly believe you both are beautiful talented people . Two of the greats ( love you 3000 ). I love 1000 vin diesel but 3000 rdj. Two of my favorite guys together, love it. Both amazing actors , Vin Diesel you are amazing human beings God blessings always. My top Two Favorites!! You guys make Our World a better place. Your films make Our lives so much better.. Boy I remember when RDJ life made a turn around for the better of himself and I’m so proud of him he defeated the enemy and kept the Faith and his life has enriched so many .. your right Vin

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