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Oh look probably on her private jet…but yet could give two shits about what this party will do for the American people and the demise of America. We should all be praying for unity. We will always be a divided nation if we can build people up rather trying to tear them down.. 1920 gangster love it!. My grandpa had the same pants for work . Bring your children he need something to sniff. I like your style…. Jennifer I absolutely love you. I pray for you always. I always hope that one day you come and sit in my congregation. But my heart is disappointed that you would support such a dark agenda. I pray your eyes open soon.. Always loved and admired her… but after reading that she supported biden and is going to be performing at his inauguration, yeah, hard pass from me, ms lopez…. won’t be supporting you, listening to ur music, or purchasing anything you’re affiliated… See more Advice from a butterfly poster

Advice from a butterfly poster

Dear Jennifer this really hurts my heart . Thank you Jennifer for being who you are. You are gorgeous & and my daughter wants to meet you someday. I think she will someday, she is beautiful not because she’s my daughter . She is a go getter , loves people.. Jennifer Lopez is a really good actress she’s very pretty she’s a really good model she’s very young looking she’s very creative mature responsible outgoing motivated she’s not me she’s herself she likes herself she takes care of herself she’s very con… See more. We love you all always enjoy your beautiful family and enjoy your life with them!! God bless you all and we pray that you all are doing good !! Love Maggie Ramirez and family members!!. Jennifer you inspire women and men. Darling! I wish I could have a chance to leave the message of gratitude right for you! Because your talent and energy really inspire people all over the world! Advice from a butterfly poster

Advice from a butterfly poster

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