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Has it really been that long? I feel like the song was just released today!. Congratulations Biker don’t cry for me poster ma’am It was my favorite song while growing up. You still look stunning as ever . You work hard and going well keep it up happy 20th anniversary. Pekwa Noyoo. Are you happy Jennifer because I’ve always been there for you and I cannot believe what you have supported you have helped put this country in major major turmoil Callison to you anymore I guess you’re just out along with several others I am so ashamed… See more. The best song ever in history. Selena would be very proud of you.. Love her I saw her in concert with my daughter years ago best concert I ever went to my daughter was still in high school at that time I will never forget what a great time it was . what a great experience with my daughter. The Concert was in th… See more Pause GIF

Biker don’t cry for me poster

20 anniversary oh how time flies yet you never age ! Greetings from Florida!!!. Happy 20th. Love that song. I remember that time in my life. Thanks for the memories.. This song is still rocking all around the world. Love you Jenni.. Happy anniversary I still have your album.. my favorite… Sounds as good today as the day it was released . You are one of my favorite all around entertainers. I miss Shades of Blue, love your music, and don’t be upset with me, but I really wish you and Marc were back together.. Congratulations. Man I remember when it first came out I know I’m getting old wow just to see how she has came from Living Color to Selena and now here what an amazing journey congrats. Happy anniversary to you i will never forget this album he gives me joy. Loved everything about the song. Inspirational. You know you look exactly the same, right? X Biker don’t cry for me poster

Biker don’t cry for me poster

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