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Squid Game Korean Drama 3D All Over Print Hoodie


Squid Game Korean Drama 3D All Over Print Hoodie

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Player 111, a doctor, secretly works with a handful of staff to harvest organs from dead players to sell in the black market in return for information on upcoming games. Gi-hun realizes that Sang-woo could have helped their team in the dalgona game but remains quiet. The staff foment discord among the players to weed out the weak ones. Deok-su kills another player over food, which results in the prize money being increased. After lights out, a riot erupts and numerous players are killed. Squid Game Korean Drama 3D All Over Print Hoodie . Player 067 joins Gi-hun’s team, who protect her from Deok-su’s gang. When Player 001 begs everyone to stop, the Front Man ends the riot. Gi-hun’s team exchange names to build trust: Player 199 is Ali Abdul, and Player 067 is Kang Sae-byeok. Player 001, who is dying from a brain tumor, has trouble remembering his name. At night, the guard next door to Jun-ho sends him a message by coughing in Morse code. In the third game, players are told to form groups of ten. Sae-byeok recruits Player 240, a girl close to her age. Deok-su, knowing from the doctor that the upcoming game is tug of war, picks strong men and rejects Player 212, Han Mi-nyeo, who joins Gi-hun’s team.

Squid Game Korean Drama 3D All Over Print Hoodie

Despite having weaker players, Gi-hun’s team is able to win their tug of war match with Player 001 and Sang-woo’s strategies and quick thinking. Expecting another riot, they build a barricade and spend the night taking turns on watch but Deok-su’s team does not attack. Jun-ho learns about the conspiracy with Player 111 for black market organ harvesting, as the staff member whose identity he stole was part of it. The Front Man catches them and executes everyone involved in the conspiracy, including Player 111, and strings up their bodies for all players to see, apologizing to them, as the games are prided on for treating everyone as equal no matter their status in the world outside, and Player 111 had an unfair advantage. The Front Man begins a facility-wide manhunt for Jun-ho. Jun-ho breaks into the Front Man’s office and learns that the game has been running for over 30 years, and that his brother, Hwang In-ho, was the winner in 2015.

Squid Game Korean Drama 3D All Over Print Hoodie

HOT – Squid Game Korean Drama 3D All Over Print Hoodie

For the fourth game, players are told to pair up. Sang-woo, who is close with Ali, picks him; Gi-hun, who has a soft spot for Player 001, chooses him; Player 240 picks Sae-byeok. Expecting that they will be working with their partner, the players are horrified to learn that they will be playing against their partner in a marble game of their choice; whoever gets all their partner’s marbles within 30 minutes will win, meaning only one of each pair will survive. Sae-byeok and Player 240, Ji-yeong, talk about their lives, and Ji-yeong decides that Sae-byeok has more to live for. She lets Sae-byeok win, leaving Sae-byeok devastated. Sang-woo tricks Ali into giving up his marbles and wins, though he is similarly distressed. Gi-hun, about to lose, turns the game around by using Player 001’s failing memory against him. Player 001 reveals that he knew Gi-hun was tricking him the whole time, but allows Gi-hun to win anyway. Before being killed, he says that he remembers his name: Oh Il-nam. Gi-hun, Sae-byeok, and Sang-woo are left traumatized by the deaths of their closest friends in the games.

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