When a calico finds you, you’re supposed to keep them. It’s good luck! Happier for the kitten though.. She sure is beautiful, so happy someone like you came along and found her. She was starving to death. Thank you so much, your my HERO. Pause GIF. Oh my goodness I’m so jealous she is so adorable and brave she reminds me of my little lee oh how miss him. You have been absolutely blessed to have come across such a beautiful angel it warmed my heart to hear your story of a partnership for life. She is lucky and sooo dang cute! Glad you two girls together along with your menagerie of delight! Have a disgustang christmas sweatshirt and jumper. Cats and kittens definitely choose their human. Once you are chosen, it is your lucky day. Charm is beautiful.. Oh my goodness. The poor little kitten would have died all alone and by itself. So beautiful kitten. Awesome job.

Have a disgustang christmas sweatshirt and jumper

Have a disgustang christmas sweatshirt and jumper front

She is very special thank you for rescuing and I’m over joyed that she’s in a forever home where she will feel the love and be loved . What a happy story. I found the “she’s the worst guard dog because she wants to play with everyone” funny. My dog Crowe was a street dog for two years before I got him and he’s the same.. She is so very SPECIAL, thank you for RESCUING her. Now she is in her forever home where she will be loved and really cared for. She looks so much better and she definitely loves her new home and her new loving Mom. God bless you all for such amazing… Have a disgustang christmas sweatshirt and jumper See More Pause GIF. Someone set a dog that color off at my home several.years ago that looked twice as bad as this one…you could tell where something it had been tied with rotted its neck. It’s flesh and fur was falling off. Its eyes begged me to help it and I tried to … See More

Have a disgustang christmas sweatshirt and jumper

Have a disgustang christmas sweatshirt and jumper back

There’s a wonderful dog in every stray. I have 2 and they are the sweetest souls ever.. Ladies and gentlemen in the video are angels on earth, thank you for all your love and care! The baby transform into healthy and lovely dog!. My heart breaks watching these videos and seeing helpless dogs abandoned by humans. A heart felt thank you to each and everyone who show compassion and love rescuing these sweet animals and giving them love and a sense of security. Thank you. Thanks you so much for adopting her. She is so happy now and looks beautiful.. Poor, sweetie! Thank you for rescuing her and finding a loving, forever home for her. . Puppy was blessed by an angel was found her and gave her a home…puppy looks loved and cared for now.. Thank you so much for saving her life and being so good to her. She has an unbelievably, beautiful attitude, especially considering everything she’s been through.

How Great to rescue this Loving Puppy and Changing Her Life Completely Around!. She’s beautiful..she turned out to be a very happy little girl…. I love these posts from Dodo..most of them are so wonderful and inspiring. It’s so important in these troubling times to have feel good moments.. Thanks for rescuing this beautiful and beautiful hearted dog. I have a hard time understanding how anyone could let it go. Sooo lovable. Poor pups I can’t even imagine how much sadness u went through all alone in pain. . Awww Look at You. Thank you so very much for bringing this sweetie back to life. You are Beautiful Delilah. Live Happy and Healthy. . These people are amazing but I always wonder about the hundreds of people that walk past this poor dog everyday and couldn’t care less. I’m thankful that there are still people who has love for animals that’s not letting anything or anyone stop them from loving and saving little animals that needs them thank you and God keep blessing you

Awwwwww I am so happy you rescued her, she is such a beautiful dog now that her suffering and pain is over from her skin healing. What a happy amazing dog, thank you for loving her and giving her a happy home.. Broke my heart so much I had to fast forward to the end when she was healthy and happy. Bless you for helping this beautiful dog.. What a beautiful dog she is. I wish her lots of good luck, love and to live a happy healthy life. It’s so cute to see her play and have fun with other dogs. Congratulations and God bless her and you for taking great care of her.. Poor sweet Delilah really had almost raw flesh from neglected unsanitary stray life. Thank God the kind lady spent time finding her to be rescued. It is so wonderful Delilah got her treatment & care & finally adopted by a good decent young lady.

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