We have a grand Pit and she is the most laid back dog ever!. Scarlett, what a beautiful letter to Lebowski & all the furry friends you’ve grown up with! I know you’ll always be be giving love to the ones who aren’t adopted yet & look forward to hearing about more of your adventures!. Absolutely sweetest little girl she’s going too grow too be a vet. Was very special to see. I adore this story. I too share the exact sentiment for pitties. Our Knight in shining armor was a rescue too. His mannerisms mirror your pups as well. I will always have a soft spot for the “vicious” pitbull! I love you more the end I win personalized custom name mug. Great story of rescue and love. Thanks for sharing.. Such a beautiful story. Thanks for sharing.. Omg. Made me cry. Thank you for sharing.. One of my best friends had put bulls. I’d never been around them, but no worries. We became fast friends. Sometimes I’d stay overnight and those 2 beautiful dogs would snuggle with me like they new me well. I just showed them love, or maybe they did it… See More

I love you more the end I win personalized custom name mug

I love you more the end I win personalized custom name mug 11oz

this was the sweetest story ever brought tears to my eyes I made me cry this letter is the girl wrote About her dog was so sweet and loving and kind to let the world know about her dogs that are pit bulls and how kind and loving and gentle they are … See More Pause GIF. How sweet! The love they had for each other was precious! Dogs love us unconditionally . I love you more the end I win personalized custom name mug Really great bonding with her doggies! I love these photos!. Beautiful pit bull stories , she’s so right pit bulls are loving animals not mean like some people say they are , I say it’s the way these animals are raised and treated if they are treated with love and respect . I love pits I have a chocolate lab mix… See More. That sweet child has a great friend he will be there for her and protect her for as long as he can, I love piggies, they have a bad rap but are gentle loving dogs.

I love you more the end I win personalized custom name mug

I love you more the end I win personalized custom name mug 15oz

sweet, but so sad, cried for you, I know that pain too. Never had a pittie, but have/had several rescues. They rescue us.. I’m not crying. You are! What a beautiful story told by a sweet little girl. “Pimpbulls” is what I will call them from now on.. I love pitties. Best dogs ever.. Bring any dog up properly & you will have nothing but undeniable love & loyalty !!! Pitties are awesome dogs !. My kids grew up with big dogs This brings back great memories. Thank you. That is such a sweet story! It makes my heart overflow with joy!. Love this i have a three legged “pimple“ too as my grandson calls her. She is the best!!. This is such a beautiful story. I know people who watch this will feel the same. Please adopt, its the best thing in the . So precious, any animal can be sweet and loving are they can be mean, it’s not the dogs fault if they turn mean it is people that make them that way but the dogs always get the blame. This little girl shows you how they can really be. So sweet.

Be still my heart.. What a beautiful amazing little little girl with her beautiful and amazing furbaby. That was the sweetest video ever . This is the greatest story of a girl’s love for her dogs! And Scarlett is absolutely adorable. She must have the best parents ever! Thank you for sharing.. Ii have always said a dog is what you make it this little girl and her family are living proof of this God bless you.. It doesn’t matter what size or type of dog you get it is the way you raise them up the way you treat them, that was a beautiful story of her little life so far x. This is the most precious story I have ever saw. What a nice thing to have when Scarlet grows up and shows this to her children. Awwww I love it and yes baby girl you’re so right PimpbullS are so awesome and cute and squishy and they are not scary at all, if a little baby can understand and see why can’t everyone else that talks bad about our adorably cute lil favorite pimpbulls

Made me cry . “Pimpbulls” are amazing dogs that will sadly ALWAYS have a bad rep.. . I’ve a pit/boxer & he is just a phenomenal loving pup….adores kids….. Adore pit bulls; they’re smart, loyal, affectionate, funny, wonderful! Love seeing children taught to love and respect animals…. great to see a child taught to respect dogs what a great little girl credit to her parents. She described a pitbull very well. I have a blue nose and yes it does like to lay so close to my back. As she loves to be hugged. They are awesome dogs. That is so precious. I think every child should have a dog or a cat to grow up with they learn compassion they learned responsibilities and they definitely learn how to love period pets are wonderful and that little girl is just so precious with all th… See More. Love this. I love potties. Best pups ever. Our first was a pit lab mix when she passed out next pit came into our lives. Now we have our third pit. He is the best. He is a momma’s boy.

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