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The president is trying to be positive not put fear in anybody is up to us the individuals to wear our mask and take good care of ourselves and our family. Who cares about one nurse. We don’t want to live forever. People dies. Do you understand, nurse? Better change your job. I’m sick and tired of this charade , this fraud , this scam Covid.. Good on you Christina take care … sitting here in Australia we are just gobsmacked about what is happening in the USA re Covid-19 … I pray that Biden wins.. Well it is easy to comment things. But when we face to face with corona virus. I do not think your eggoooo will govern you. Death no one love it. Specially doctors and nurses. Can only assist them to breath in vintalator or give medicated anti pain. W… . People do have feeling for other people how dear you think like that saying she must fine a deferent job you can trust Donald Trump and see where that take you no one live for Ever only you Ron Welker I’m fine face mask

I’m fine face mask

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Is he out of it or what?. The Catholic Church was explicit in keeping people poor and reliant on the church by advocating couples to have HUGE numbers of children. (along side no abortions). what is the purpose of the papacy? this would be for the salvation of souls and the preaching of the distorted gospel for political purposes and interests in the amazon. People are talking of killing going on in the zoo you are talking about economic evil people every were. Yes the capitalism failed.Those countries are so greedy.. He is a Socialist.I really do not care what he thinks. Socialism does not work.. The peronist has spoken like a true comrade.. We should ask this men how much secured he is n the balance in banks account he has its very easy to speak. Well when you shut down businesses labeling them “not essential” of course capitalism fails. It fails, only because the businesses are not “allowed” to be open. I’m fine face mask

I’m fine face mask

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I guess Fairy Tale Man means wellbut he and his church have not been able to solve humanitys most dire needs so far.. This the guy who is great pals with China. The Vatican is corrupt!. Trickle down economics only works for billionaires.. Trickle down and free markets are an oxymoron.. Because cronies like him should know that there is no capitalism. Only state regulated economy. That’s not free markets.. Brian Cook. Trickle down economics does not represent capitalism per say. It’s more a tax system that benefits the richest and has all others relying on the drippings trickling down to them through jobs and fair wages created. Problem is it doesn’t trickle down ev… . Good to see the Pope – both raising and echoing the voice of science.. When is Catholic Church capitalist?. … and religion isn’t helping either.. Armenia is a child murder .Don’t be silent about this genocide! JUSTICE FOR GANJA, JUSTİCE FOR KHOJALY! STOP ARMENIAN VANDALISM! STOP ARMENIAN TERRORISM!

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Find another job! Youre too emotionally involved to be effective. You never knew how to leave the job at the job.. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your love, courage and strength each day
Wishing all would listen to the truth behind each medical mask worn each day
Please know each time I put on a mask I think how tired all front line workers must be an… . The stout snd obese man was not really sick,he feigned sickness,then he declared he was cured defying medical experts.He wants to present himself as a superman to the public. Hope you stay strong remember who you are you’re a a Hero your Gods gift helping the sick your an angel you stay as safe as you can thank you for your love and caring for what you do for people thank you stay strong and safe. He is absolutely right the more you let yourself create that idea of ​​covid the more we will be infected Trump2020

And communism has been successful instead?. Sorry, he is wrong againthe virus was created in a comunist country not in a capitalisty country, it is better for catholicism if he dedicated himself to talk us how to save our souls instead of saying anything about economy and politic, BTW I do no… . Pope Francis should distribute Vatican wealth and feed the hungry. They have more money than GOD.. The Vatican Bank didnt do to bad out of it … says the man with a bank at his own disposal and gold sheets. OCCASIONALLY THE POPE IS INFALLIBLE IN HIS JUDGMENT!. SO THE POPE PREFERS COMMUNISM?. Only in the pandemic?. COVID19 virus is definitely moving places. Proper risk management and communication is the key to resolve this outbreak. Besides the many things, economic tools are necessary with innovations to assist in this matter. Eventually that will lead to a new… See More

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