She looks like my little calico…they are SO sassy and full of spunk! We have 4 cats, all rescued in a similar fashion as this, and I question myself sometimes as well. But really, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love my feline tribe and wouldn’t … See More. She’s a pretty girl. Reminds me of my rescue Molly when she was a kitten. She’s going to be a big girl with ears like that. Peter Marsh dear lord what a sad little christmas sweatshirt and jumper. Precious little one! We found one of our kitties in the bushes at an abandoned house when taking a walk. We took him home, cared for him, and loved him tremendously for the rest of his life here on Earth. We miss him, our sweet Nicholas, every day.. I’m so glad you were in the right place at the right time! That kitten needed you!. She was so lucky you came along when you did. God Bless you for helping that beautiful little kitty. She found herself a wonderful home and you found yourself a beautiful kitty to love

Peter Marsh dear lord what a sad little christmas sweatshirt and jumper

Peter Marsh dear lord what a sad little christmas sweatshirt and jumper front

That’s how I got our Miss Kitty in Texas. She came walking out the bushes towards me, talking at the top of her lungs. I picked her up and she started purring loudly. She was a wonderful wonderful cat, lived 19 years.. What a cute little thing..she chose you to be her moma!. Lovely story! She certainly was in the right place for that gorgeous little kitten . Both of my cats came out of the woods. I fed them, loved them and they decided to make this their home. I love watching them. Peter Marsh dear lord what a sad little christmas sweatshirt and jumper. I acquired two cats very similarly. I was walking my infant in his stroller both times. One was before the passing of my first and only cat who was over 16, and the other was just weeks after the old cat’s passing, only a few months later. They find yo… See More. Glad cat was taken care of Finally in a good home with lots of Love. The cat has unbelieveable BEAUTIFUL eyes. Nice. T

Peter Marsh dear lord what a sad little christmas sweatshirt and jumper

Peter Marsh dear lord what a sad little christmas sweatshirt and jumper back

She is absolutely beautiful and I firmly believe she chose you could be her mom. Thank you for keeping her! Have a great life kitty.. Awwwh how precious.. you are her new mommy . My other half found a super skinny cat living in a wall of a townhouse he was rehabbing and couldn’t leave her… get her to our garage shes pregnant. So we have 5 now and she’s inside. People just left her to die. So cruel.. How can people be so cruel to any animals it’s heartbreaking. So glad you took him in. Hope he is doing well. . She knew you were the one that would love her forever. Thank you for loving her and giving her a home with your ‘pack’.. Poor little kitten was starving & so thirsty. Thank you for taking her. She’s a pretty kitten.. Wonderful video and such a beautiful feisty little kitten. So glad this lady took her in.

Adorable, does he use a litter box?. He is adorable. so handsome . Can’t wait till my for grows back. He’s a Velveteen rabbit!. I’m happy for this rabbit that he was adopted. His mom sounds like she really loves him and he is beautiful. Thank you for caring so much. Please don’t breed him to start a Sphinx breed of rabbit. It wouldn’t be fair!. Will he never get fur ?. A hairless bunny????!!!! Never knew they existed!!. Omgodddddd so cuteeeeee . My goodness me!. Very cute. Sweet bunny!. What’s his condition? He has some fur. Will it spread? I hope he gets lots of fuzzy sweaters to keep him warm. Poor bunny. I think little Bigglesworth is absolutely adorable and precious. But these special needs babies need special homes and he obviously got the perfect home. Thank you and to all his clothes gifting friends and fans for keeping him warm!

The Dodo
Keep up with Charm and her new family on Instagram: thedo.do/cassieland_ca, and TikTok: thedo.do/cassielandca.. Such a beautiful little sweetie…sooo glad you found each other…
I think she did choose you…. This is a very special lady, she has other animals and still made room for this little one, i know the universe will be good to her, she already has the love of her animals, God bless people like this…. What a little Angel! I would like to have another one, but my little Taffy would probably get her feelings hurt! . She is so cute! She was waiting for you to come along! You’re such an angel to take care of these special babies!. What a cute kitten. I love the calico coloring on cats and dogs and goats. So glad she found her. There are alot of wild stray cats in Austin. Shecreminds me of my Momma kitty. Shechad a calico baby and my cat Sonya .

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