What amazing man, you should be proud of yourself . I’d love a garden that can attract and feed the local wildlife.. This is the cutest thing ever! The little picnic table and all the amenities.. They dont just take what they need.. they bite a cute little bite on everything they can get or reach.. I have tried sharing didnt work. Sunflower vase to my daughter love mom mug. I got rid of my shed where the den was and the family was gone… I love this man; most would be poisoning them or trapping…they are adorable.. First of all you’re an amazing guy….. I mean instead of buying a poison or having a kill trap you made a whole garden for them which is quite appreciative………. This is a cute story….whatca great man you are….keep up the good work…maybe in a few years we will see that you having a whole yard full of groundhogs.and your and thier garden quad triple in size..

Sunflower vase to my daughter love mom mug

Sunflower vase to my daughter love mom mug 11oz

Thank you for rescuing Ellie, she is so happy with her forever home and getting all the love she deserves.. My dogs loved lasagna.. Thank you for rescuing this beautiful baby and finding a forever, loving home. I do not know how people can be so mean.. I can’t believe SOME PEOPLE!! Omg how in the…. “The lasagna snapped her out of her fear”. Ya, a good lasagna can do that. Well done and thank you. That was so amazing of you with a kind hearted person. Sunflower vase to my daughter love mom mug.that rescue the little puppy…… How can some people be so cruel? Thank God there are wonderful people like this. I would have done the same. I don’t understand how someone can throw this sweet puppy out the car window. My thought is they’re not human if they can do this.. Please don’t adopt. child or & animal if your not going to love them & take care of them. How can anybody be so heartless

Sunflower vase to my daughter love mom mug

Sunflower vase to my daughter love mom mug 15oz

I love how they get right in front of the camera. It’s like they know they’re being filmed and are putting on a show . How fun is that ,maybe you can get with some other farmers and they can donate anything to your cause. They are adorable. You are a wonderful human being!! God’s little creatures need kindness, care & love.. Those negative comments on here not needed.. I’m so curious if they kept to their own garden?. Amazing what can happen when you open your mind. Great job. Keep it up.. What a sweet family. Most people wouldn’t think about how to give them and the groundhogs what they need to live, they would just be worried about how to keep them out. I loved it, this it’s how it should be, taking care for those who can’t … I’m glad that you didn’t kill them. I love that by the end of his videos there’s a picnic table and table cloth, they have a patio, a porch light, ect lmfao

The Dodo
Keep up with Ellie on Instagram: To help Mission Pawsible rescue more dogs like Ellie, visit: thedo.do/missionpawsible.
Login • Instagram. Thank you for sharing your kindness and patience to help this puppy. People are so cruel. We need more posts like this on FB that show kindness and love. Be safe. Be blessed.. Human cruelty has no limits… but human kindness can overshadow it… Thank you for saving this beautiful dog…. Thank you for rescuing Ellie and finding her a loving forever home! She so deserves it after all she’s been through!. I just can’t understand why its so hard for ppl to just take an animal to a shelter. Or drop it off at firestation, someones doorstep, yard…something. there is no need to be so cruel just to chuck them out of a vehicle like that ffs. Thankfully this … See More. People make me so f*”?king mad. How can they just throw her out of a car on the highway. It almost makes me cry that she was saved
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I love this video! The kindness Jeff shows these animals is heartwarming. I wish people were as sweet as this man, he’s an exceptional human! The critters are so cute!. we’ve had a groundhog that comes out daily to eat acorns from our oak trees. Plan on a garden next year, hopefully it will stick to the acorns. I call him Murray, after Bill Murray Groundhog Day haha.. Having been born on Groundhog Day I have a particular fondness for these critters. Thank you for your kindness!. All fun and games until their tunnels do damage to their property. They may be amusing to watch, but I’d discourage them at all cost. They’re crafty animals, sure to find food elsewhere. I don’t understand how they’d discern food left out just for them… See More. I have a Chunk, under my shed out back. We’re on a pretty rural development but this guy is as big as my 30# pup !!

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