I personally like this naked rabbit and think just because he does not have hair he is adorable.. He is adorable. We are all different but need love and acceptance. God Bless you for caring. Viking fa-la-la-la-la valhalla-la ugly christmas sweater. I’m surprised the breeder didn’t think him worth anything. Don’t hairless animals usually become popular, like sphinx cats, several breeds of dog, rex rats, etc? Glad he’s got a good home . I can’t believe someone would leave him behind. Such a cute, unique creature! U don’t need to be perfect to be loved…. He’s beautiful ,,x. I can’t believe the lurcher and bunny just hanging out!! . ADORABLE!!!!!. Now that he is famous, i wonder how his “breeder” thinks about this. Please don’t give any sweat eatables to any animals. Because Sweat eatables make animals etching and fall of all hairs. So, this is a big trouble with animals and their sorrows in animal’s life.

Viking fa-la-la-la-la valhalla-la ugly christmas sweater

Viking fa-la-la-la-la valhalla-la ugly christmas sweater size L

What’s so amazing is that his brother is a Lurcher breed which has the strong instinct to hunt rabbits! I’m so glad they’re friends.. Beyond adorable. Can’t get enough of him.. Thank you. We all are capable of love, loving animals with respect is a great way to raise your children.. “His breeder??” Why on earth would anybody need to breed rabbits? P.S. He’s darling. I love his little sweaters!. Awwwwe how sweet! Thank You so much for seeing the Beauty in your little rabbit! Viking fa-la-la-la-la valhalla-la ugly christmas sweater I’d love to have one like that to love and spend time with I’m an animal lover I don’t care what kind it is I’ve helped raise several kinds and get them back to the wild! My Ex sister in law and myself found an owl that had a broken wing so we bandaged it up and fed it mice until she was ready to turn loose we opened her door on the dollhouse she eventually flew out but for a couple years we’d see an owl coming in and out the dollhouse a couple times she had young ones with her! Thanks again sweetie for taking care of the cutest bunny rabbit I’ve seen!

Viking fa-la-la-la-la valhalla-la ugly christmas sweater

Viking fa-la-la-la-la valhalla-la ugly christmas sweater size M

Oh he is beautiful !! Why wouldn’t any one want him ?? Love to the person that adopted that baby !!
Pause GIF. Loved just as he is -as we should be with humans as well. Nice story.. Oh wow. How lucky you are to have a pet rabbit in (I presume) Australia) this is the cutest ever!. Awe he looks like a little old man.. I feel like he needs a bowtie! He looks very soft. Cute. So glad he found a forever home! Love the sweaters. you made. He is adorable!!!!!!!. i think he’s awesome because he is different….i love his coloring…. So cute! It looks like he got a poodle cut is all!. He looks like he is made of velvet. I also would have so much fun making clothes. Zebra , dalmatian , printed fabric. .. My Goober got left behind because they said she wasn’t pretty enough to save…she’s been with me ever since that day…

I love him. Unique and precious. Not his fault he was born without fur. Glad he found someone to love him and care for him.. This is really a wonderful rescue! Such an adorable rabbit and his sweater wardrobe!!. It doesn’t matter what you look like everyone deserves love and this little baby is getting a lot.. Everything has a special quality. This little guy has more than others. Handsome to the core in his special way, he deserves that special care and love he is getting from his family. Thanks y’all for making this video and making my day.. I was so relieved to know that he was born without fur. I honestly thought some heartless monster skinned him. He is so cute and I’m glad he looks like that naturally.. Mr Bigglesworth you are the most precious bunny I’ve ever seen!. He cute reminds me of when merlin turned into a bunny in the sword and the stone or the bunny from fosters

Too innocent face, so adorable . 3 wonderful smiles: the baby’s and the 2 doggies’ . Love it!!. Baby loving it aswell. Or dad gives more treat if we participate. Katie Richardson. Dan Maroske I’m disappointed you didn’t put this level of effort in. So cute. Covid made us crazy n watching penguins n this bcomes real pleasure. I’m sure he’s already considered this lol!!. I could watch this a hundred times and still love it.. Linda Lautoa and David Thai – David, I look forward to the day you do something like this lol. Rikey, Buddha, shyla and bear can be the onlookers dressed in costumes. I thought the baby was a puppy . Awesome. Monica I know you and I love Disney and I think we should just make Robby do this with Leo and the fur babies.. I love dogs that can dance. so Cute. Cutest. Is this another symptom of covid?

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