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unorganised, spontaneous, generally wild outbreaks. But the labour movement, as the motion of the most advanced class, the proletariat, quickly outgrew this initial stage. The aim-acutely aware propaganda and agitation carried on by the Social-Democrats had their impact. Disturbances gave way to organised strike struggles and political demonstrations towards the autocracy. The brutal army reprisals of the past few years have “educated” the proletariat and the frequent folks of the cities, and have ready them for larger types of revolutionary wrestle. The legal and ignominious war into which the autocracy has plunged the folks crammed the cup of their endurance to overflowing. The crowds began to offer armed resistance to the tsarist troops. Real street fighting, barricade battles, started between the folks and the troops. Quite lately the Caucasus, Lodz, Odessa, and Libau have proven us examples of proletarian heroism and popular enthusiasm. The wrestle grew into an insurrection. Even the tsar’s troops progressively began to see that they were being made to play the shameful function of executioners of freedom, of henchmen of the police. And the military began to waver. At first isolated cases of insubordination, outbreaks among reservists, protests from officers, propaganda among the troopers, refusal of some corporations and regiments to shoot at their very own brothers, the workers. Then—the siding of part of the army with the uprising. The rebellion in Odessa and the siding of the armoured cruiser Potemkin with the revolution marked an extra massive step forward in the development of the revolutionary motion against the autocracy. Events have confirmed with wonderful rapidity the timeliness of the calls to revolt and to the formation of a provisional revolutionary government, which were addressed to the folks by the category-acutely aware spokesmen of the proletariat as represented by the Third Congress of the Russian Social-Democratic Labour Party. The new outbreak of the revolutionary conflagration throws light on the practical significance of these calls and makes us determine more precisely the duties of the revolutionary fighters in the present scenario in Russia. The proletariat has been in a constant state of unrest, especially because the Ninth of January, never giving the enemy a moment’s respite. It is keeping up its offensive primarily in the form of strikes, whereas avoiding direct clashes with the armed forces of tsarism and getting ready its forces for the nice and decisive battle. In the industrially extra developed areas, where the employees are better skilled politically and the place nationwide oppression is added to the economic and common political yoke, the tsarist police and troops are going out of their approach to incense and provoke the employees. And the employees, even those who are unprepared for the wrestle, even those that at first confined themselves to

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