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beauty is subjective and in my opinion your haircut is horrible and Jake’s beard is just fine, but as I said, it’s my opinion and beauty is subjective. he’s from Florida, enough said… probably is on bath salts as he makes these comments. It makes the most sense.

  • How nasty are you? Vanessa’s feet are probably beautiful and pampered on a regular basis. You sound like you need to scrape some of your old funk off even BEFORE bathing. You do bathe, don’t you?  you’re not fat. This guy on the other hand has a mental disability and I’m going to try my best not to make fun of him anymore. You keep your head up and have a great day!
  • Even if that were true – I’m pretty sure Vanessa Bryant’s feet are cleaner than the nicest part of most people’s body. my pseudonym doesn’t stink like your feet and your haircut! Stop being such a sassy girl!
  • I’m sorry but does the public need to know this? It was a horrible accident and we need to let these families grieve without knowing every detail. Wow, cuz this really needs to be publicly told? Anything for an article eh, sad sad people writing articles like this!

Why do you keep printing this? It’s heart wrenching as it is just imagine if the family keeps seeing this…how would you feel if it was your loved ones??? My God no one needs to know the gory details of this horrific event over and over…shame on you shared! Let the man and his daughter RIP. His family doesn’t need to see this. Grow up and show respect.

Why has fb not removed this ! God help these poor families whether this is true or not ! As I said said earlier , they are all vulchers ! The families won’t even have started to grieve properly and now they’ve been thrown right back to the start of this horrific nightmare !!

This isn’t information that needed to be shared. I’m sure the families would prefer to have certain information private. No respect. Unfollowing. Really. Leave these people alone. Quit posting junk that is none of your business. RIP to all of the people killed in this terrible tragedy.

Champion Kobe Bryant Michael Jordan LeBron James shirt, tank top, hoodie

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