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Or at least that’s what I’ve done with my doe’s as I’m on a pretty good buckless streak. I’m laughing at the Amish man who broke down and bought a climbing tree stand. Some people here raging against the amish are obviously jealous a amish kid just shot a bigger buck than they ever did.

  • Depending on the state/province they don’t have to. If they can prove they make less money, then they claim subsistence hunter status. I asked an Amish hunter here if they need tags, ans they need licening and tags just like us.
  • First buck they wont tag of the season! They’ll probably put 5 more illegal ones on that buggy too by the time the amish infantry organizes for the rifle opener. What would be the reason for a negative comment about this picture except for somebody trying to make themselves feel better about their miserable life.
  • The deer was definitely tagged. Amish guy lives in the town of belleville pa. This picture was taken on RT 305. They do pay road tax but just not like you do maybe. I think its jealousy an amish guy gets it done and you guys couldn’t. Try not being so butt hurt over a picture.

And might I add the amish are damn good people. Whoopie pies, fry pies, moon pies, SWEETCORN in the summer time. Let them live a peaceful life like you’re trying to. Hell I bet this guys son works harder putting his boots on than most of you do.

I’ve lived in belleville pa my whole life and never once heard someone complain about them as people just when a horse shits on the road. That’s nature and their way of life. Not to mention loaded with money because they know how to live life off the land.

yep exactly, im sure some do stuff they shouldnt, just like english or anyone else. Alot are great people, i grew up around them in the valley like you. nothing is like it used to be. When I first started hunting it wasnt a problem to go out and everytime see no less than 20 deer now your lucky to see a squirrel.

Easily distracted by hunting and dogs poster

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