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This country fights the constant attempted take over of socalism from the left. They are using this pandemic to further their goals along with the deep state. CDC is very complicit. Nothing worse than weak minded leftist. Public health people do not give a flying fuck about depression, drug overdoses, polio, starvation, cancer, heart attacks or absolutely any other way to die except COVID.

  • Pandemic has shown just how weak the United States is when it comes to science. Rest of the world is passing us by. Heard the Cayman islands are doing well. Check out Dr Campbell in the UK on YouTube. He’s presenting info without media hype or political influence. He breaks things down so it’s easier for the lay person to understand.
  • He discusses the fact that much research shows that Vitamin D deficiency and Zinc deficiency needs to be addressed. Here’s a link to latest. He goes through the protocol Walter Reed used for Trump, apparently this is the current one in US. Whether you like Trump or no, (he’s not promoting Trump for Presiden.
  • I’ve been taking those for 30 years. It’s a colds best defense. If you think that’s a breakthrough, we should also tell you about masks preventing you from spitting, caughing and sneezing on everyone. Plus it helps keep you hands out of you mouth along with hundreds of other things. Masks are for people who care about other people. The only sheep are the ones who act like defiant children.

The ones who are pig ignorant are the ones who listen to a retarded con man over people with PhDs in infectious deceases. Who also think a con man who bankrupted 7 businesses is a good business man. The same ones who think they are independent but rely on everyone and it’s infrastructure to survive and think it should be free. Those are the real moochers.

It’s only bad on the reservations, they don’t give a shit about those people or count them. . Hell they don’t even allow them to vote. Belgium had very strict masking, shutdown, testing, contact tracing. Still worse results than Sweden which had none of that. Steve Alessandroni many people are not aware that taking supplements helps boost the immune system. Same advisors lying to clients for the last 100 years. Nothing’s changed. Wait till you have to pay the piper.

Working in the funeral business at this time is the hardest…taking death calls, wondering if next call will be of one of your own family members; the constant sorrow….too much sorrow; not good for anyone’s heart.

Deck the halls with skull and bodies Falalalala Valhalla Christmas shirt,tank top, hoodie

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