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I said nothing about what our parents taught us. Schools, public and private, and colleges are slanted left. The news is fake. Look up former CIA Director William Colby for his most famous quote. I’m not here to convince anyone….if people want to keep watching MSDNC and CNN thats only to their own detriment.

  • I totally agree with you Mr. President. The Corrupt totally dishonesty phony fraud news coverage networks are the enemy of the people trying to destroy your reputation and to silence and suppress your awesome movement. May God rain down his showers of grace and mercy on you so you can succeed with great joy and happiness. In Jesus name AMEN.
  •  if you’re not watching the president daily live you are not getting the correct information. Why would Trump keep calling it Fake News? Because that’s exactly what it is! trump is the fake news. There is a pandemic. And it’s dangerous. And you q-anon. Think you are going to waltz in without a mask , god is on your side and everything is ok. BS. Fred it to the idiots and the sheep.
  • what are you hiding and kinda funny how you jump on here and comment but does not have the courage to show your face or a picture period, I understand private so jump off Trumps page if you do not like the comments and like our President plain and simple. He has plenty that will back him up and that is a fact and truth kinda odd how things are coming out from the wood work isn’t it about Epstein and Bill Gates go do your homework.

It’s funny that you mention Epstein as someone bad trying to make trump look good when the cheese puff that you call your leader was best buddies with him and was even named on a lawsuit by a young lady that was beaten and raped by trump and Epstein when she was only 13 years old so in my book that makes then both equally bad.

You’re absolutely right Carol Jacobs Escovedo because those so-called “trusted news agencies” are operated and owned by that Soros along with the likes of him and those Corrupt Democrats who want to utterly destroy the USA.

Front Toward Enemy Face Mask

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