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Vote Republican, Trump will get things fixed ,and get anyone else you can to vote ,Trump has delivered on every promise he made when he was elected , with Obama we lost everything , he never kept not one promise he made, but Trump has kept every promise and then some! Vote Red !

  • The Dems want people to think that so the silent majority stays home and doesn’t vote. I hope Repub’s are awake now and realize we HAVE TO make our voices heard this year!!!
  • We can do better. I live in Orange County and I’ve seen lots of Trump’s signs and not a single Biden. Thank God!
  • My pastor has encouraged us to vote. We pray for our leaders to have wisdom and to listen to the voice of God. Not all Californians are without love. I’m voting in CA and I know a lot of people voting red. We need to flip the Northern California, which is hardest to flip.
  • Who in the hell are these Religious Leaders.?? People should be able to see what’s going on in this Country and get out to vote and put an end to all the Democrat Radicals and their Corruption and political Swamp.

If Trump loses this election, you’ll never see another Republican President and California and the USA will cease to exist as we know it, and there will never be the American Dream Again. It’ll be over, and you can take it to the bank….

Round up 4-5 senior citizens drive them to vote I’ve been doing that here in Texas last two days I figure by end of October I would’ve added minimum 40 people Voting for Trump!! Nobody is trying to silence you Christians from voting.. Stop lying and the fear mongering.. My whole family is Christian and Trumpers and they have no problem voting.. If u can’t get your vote out, it might be just that you’re too stupid.

I left CA 13 years ago because I married a Texan. In the years that I’ve lived out here I’ve met many liberals…I always ask these people where they’re from…you know what they tell me every single time…they’re from TX. Many of us native CA are conservative.

Horse And into the forest i go to lose my mind and find my soul poster

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