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We have people making decisions that really just lack the ability to look at the science and apply it properly. Viral Load is important, not just whether someone was infected. Were the cases as severe amongst the mask wearers? That is an important aspect before claiming they “don’t protect the wearer”.
  • Hector Cruz, strange that even when studies were done with doctors wearing and not wearing masks in an operating theater, there was basically no proof of masks helping, and in at least one study, the masks caused more site infections. We just don’t believe you.
  • Did you waer home made cotton masks at Abbott? Cause that what most people are wearing. Your testimony is one big strawman.  Hector says he worked for a pharma lab, but refuses the scientific evidence over “industrial/medical practice” – when it’s been admitted that more than 30% of doctors wear masks during operations because that’s what they were taught…nothing to do with science.
  • When the science was actually done, they found no difference in most cases, and a difference of more infections in the mask wearing group. As for warm, moist cotton masks that everybody is wearing all day…this winter will be an interesting one for meningitis and other respiratory infections, which will be ignored as apparently, warm and moist environments are not where bacteria will rapidly grow since Covid is around…
Covid takes time to give you symptoms so you can’t immediately know if you are infected and giving it to others, the utility of large scale using of masks doesn’t come from a big reduction of the risk of transmission in each case but of the combined effect of some reduction in the transmission of every infected individual.

How do you know you don’t have Corona? Have you taken the test recently? If not, you could be infected and discover about it in two weeks and during that time spread it to more people. No antibodies. Going to get tested tomorrow. Oh, and even if I did have it, I’m not in the habit of sneezing or coughing in anyone’s face.

So how am I a threat to anyone? Can’t you answer a simple science based question? only to keep the product sterile. I worked in a clean room too dude. And we only wore masks to stop us from spitting in the bottles before we capped them so we wouldn’t be sending bacteria out to the public. Very big difference.

Autism I see your true colors that’s why I love you poster

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