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You could see the hate in her eyes. Her actions were disgusting, especially when she was trying to intimidate witnesses. I thought the exact same thing! She is now going to make that poor lady’s life a living hell! I don’t doubt she’ll somehow TRY to get Jessie fired!  AND: Intimidation, harassment, bullying, you name it!! Would love to hear your thoughts on the brave people who spoke out against Trump during the impeachment hearings but of course these brave Americans were lying.

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  • The part you don’t seem to get is,,,, no tRUMP supporters have any credibility! after 4 years of supporting ridiculous lies, and after even attempting to kid nap amd kill a democratic Governor, because tRUMP said rise up and over throw the state,,,, we all know hos supporters will tell outrageous lies and do the most insane things to support him! So sit down shut up put on your grown person drawls and take the lost! Like respectable people! BUT WE ALREADY KNOW YOU NOT CAPABLE!
  • Carmelina Ricioppo i am praying they actually start a national MAGA party, to punnish the GOP party! So there can be a return to integrity and sanity by the conservitives, because some conservitive ideals are actually good for America! But the MAGA snake oil is some real.

it will because as one of them said when you are telling the truth it won’t change even during the night. They aren’t poor saps as you call them but very brave hero’s. He’s a fraud. We had 4 years of hearing President Trump was an illegitimate President when he was truly a duly elected President. Biden will go down in history as a fraud, as a plagiarist, and as a slimy creepy old man.

I will never have any desire to go to Michigan, after watching this hearing. If the fraud in Michigan is as horrendous as the Democrats acted in this hearing, you would need more than a forensic audit to fix this hot mess. What a total embarrassment to the state with the ignorance and unprofessionalism that was shown not only to Rudy and Jenna but there own fellow Michigan citizens.

Please don’t think the whole state of Michigan is like that, a majority of our state voted for Trump and also you are missing out on some of the worlds most beautiful country by not visiting Michigan. I agree the hearing was such a mess and embarrassing I hope that our state is the first to stand up for our country!!! Actually I pray they do!!! Please put America first and make the correct decision for our beautiful country!!

To my mom Everything I am you help me to be I love you with all my heart Fleece Blanket

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