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God Bless your brave daughter and please tell her thank you from me and my family!!!! We are so grateful for our wonderful healthcare workers. Thank-you for this! You’re so right. Cognizance of one’s privilege seems to be inversely correlated with the sense of entitlement. Ignorance and disregard for the rest do go hand in hand with entitlement.

  • Right now my son-in-law is home sick with Covid. My daughter has been tested. He didn’t go out of his way having fun to get sick, he worked his essential job. I’m with you 100%, but I think it’s “rein yourselves in”  It’s is a bunch of wannabe queens though, and I def think it’s important to rain on their parade as much and as hilariously as possible, so I appreciate your work here very much. Your picture is awesome too.
  • I am in Melbourne Australia. We have just come out of lockdown.. most people followed the rules…there were a few morons who thought they knew better…we have just had 15 days straight of no new COVID cases and no deaths….we still have restrictions but with numbers like that it’s worth it.
  • Looking out for the common good of others seems to have faded… they don’t see the casualties I assume, afraid of being told what todo to save others is defying their liberties… we will see the death toll rise, but it will just be numbers on a board and families will mourn, yet nothing will change because they fear losing their liberties…

Our Health department here has failed. My daughter had contact Monday night, the person notified us Tuesday of their positive results. The health department never called until Thursday! That’s 3 days of spreading this unknowingly had the positive person not notified us, even with a mask it’s not 100% preventable. Interesting. There is definitely a lag.

My 13 yo tested positive Tuesday and we just received the call from the Health Departments today. Fortunately, he started feeling ill Sunday so we were on top of notifying everyone immediately. Erin Schultz and that’s an opinion. I’m sorry I don’t judge those that don’t wear a mask. My mother for one can not breath in a mask.

So before calling someone entitled maybe stop to think are there reasons for not wearing a mask. if your mom has COPD she should be staying home. I know that sucks but her risk of getting COVID increase every time she leaves the house or has someone over. And for her, COVID will most likely have a devastating outcome.

Once Upon A Time There Was A Boy Who Really Loved Skiing That Was Me The End Poster

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