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His $102,000 anylevel ford he bought. Was paid for from the first video he made of it. This dude is seriously a legend when it comes to social media marketing! U realise its getting fixed? He hit a animal doing “the speed limit” i don’t know if he’ll destroy it. He knew that what he was tearing out the front end could be replaced lol.

  • Never seen so many people care about what other people do with there things in my life. He is actually a decent person, the amount of hate is awful, everyone is planning this man’s demise because he does off the wall shit?? So what it’s his money I like watching his videos it’s cool to see what can take a beating and what can’t.
  • Nobody cares about subscribers that’s just a number he makes his money off views and considering he makes 80-120k a month off all his social medias I don’t think he cares at all what we think of him destroying his own shit.. he found a way to make great money and have fun doing whatever he wants how could anyone hate on that..
  • I promise almost anyone would do it for that kind of money. yeah you can get rough idea through his analytics but at roughly 7-9k per million views that was a rough estimate on the low end considering he’s on all platforms he’s probably making that just off youtube and then facebook and instagram are a whole other income ..

but yea good on him regardless far as I’m concerned he’s killing it considering he was a farmers son following in his dad’s footsteps a year or two earlier lol. I know it’s definitely more than 120k all you gotta do is research.. plenty youtube channels share cpm and if channels half his size are making 60k a month with half the views , do the math it’s not rocket science ..

you think he can destroy a 100+ thousand dollar truck and 5-6 20-30k trucks if he was losing money lmfao that’s funny.  There isn’t a set amount you make on youtube, there is a lot of variables that go into how much money you can make on the platform. Everyone makes different amounts even if they have the same amount of views and subs.

Red Christmas truck bedding set

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