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That I do remember. A must see on a trip to London. I weep every time I walk through Poet’s Corner. Last time we were there, we were able to participate in a service. Quite the memory to be able to participate in taking the Eucharist in the Abbey, with my British cousins.

  • Thanks for the read. I believe I will get your book. My husband and I were going to go to England and then Paris this August, but covid -19 scotched those plans…maybe next year. My emotions overwhelmed me on our visit last May. I kept tearing as we walked through the Abbey taking in all the history in this place. I loved the poets corner.
  • At your guidebook suggestion, our group of 7 friends attended evensong at Westminster Abbey. It was glorious! We had to go back and pay to walk around another day but it was such an enriched experience because we had worshiped there first. We were supposed to be there today! I’m so bummed we couldn’t go, but I know we will appreciate it all the more when we are able to travel safely again. Thanks for being such a great example!
  • I had the honor and privilege if visiting this great Abbey in 2015. I attended an afternoon service and then explored as many of the areas as I could…Poets’ Corner was amazing and the Great Throne left me speechless….my only complaint is that I couldn’t spend the entire week there that I would have liked so very much to do….words fail to explain the magisty of this tremendous building….one of my very favorite places on this planet.

We lived in Europe for a total of 12 years (with my husband in the US Air Force), and I feel like I’m still over there! I was always overwhelmed by everything we saw, from England to Scandinavia and down through central Europe to the bottom of Italy, Sicily, to the bottom of Spain, Czech Republic, etc. And watching all of your shows helps to keep me over there.

We took your advice in January 2020 and purchased advance tickets. Sailed right through to the start of the tour. It was my third time to London but I’d not been before. I agree with the commentor who wrote on the pantheon of historical figures who are both buried there, and some remembered with a plaque for their valuable contributions (the Bronte sisters and Shakespeare I believe were all interred elsewhere).

I help decorate my church for holidays, and chatted with a wonderful woman whose Flower Club was down for the day to change out the altar flowers. She said she hoped to visit Route 66 someday with her husband. It was a delightful conversation. The world opens up when we do.

The Beagles Dogs – The Beatles Abbey Road shirt, hoodie, tank top

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