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Our eyes, tongue facultiesare being healed in the name of Jesus Christ. Wrong, evil foundations are being broken by the blood of Jesus.i release my health business life finance. Breakthrough breakthrough breakthrough. Holy Spirit , whatever spirit who is not from the Lord I command the spirit to leave, spirit from set backs , spirit from sickness, spirit from enemies, spirit from ser backs, I command you to leave in Mighty name of Jesus Christ.

  • So easy to make money when you believe it work out for you am so poor and owned of debt but now I am free from debt and now I have my own money now starting earning money from him he make me new again I have so many doubt in him but I risk it to invest with him but now I have my own business trade contract him now is all available any time.
  • I receive my father and I truly believe it is done in Jesus name Amen my marriage my life my health our financial breakthrough our business it is done I receive in Jesus. because you have protected me since I was born,
  • I thank you God, because until now, it’s Your will for me to be there,Ooh Lord, you have protected me all through not only this year no,!! through my life upto this time, Farther l belong to you, thank you God ones again for the care and protection, healing You’re taken for me, pressed be the Lord in Jesus mighty name Amen.

I am going to do my part and vote In Person along with my ID/License at my local election place on Election Day Tuesday November 3rd.! Let’s Go President Trump! Voted early for Trump! I’m with All red! Didn’t vote for personality- Voted for who is getting the job done! I would rather have freedom than Biden or Harris who’s agenda is to take it away with socialism and communism!

Mr. Trump. If you will get this message. I lived in USA for 32 years and this is first time I vote. You are a great person and inspiration for me and many of us. I can only wish to see you in person and say thank for doing a great job. I believe in our president 100%. But let me tell you? If god forbid Biden and his gang wins, I will give up. And first thing we should do is take our Statue of Liberty, take it apart and sell it for a scrap metal. So please, only president Trump.

Daddy I’ve only been with you for just a little while can’t speak words Happy 1st Father’s day mug

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