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If you won, you wouldn’t be here minute by minute crying fowl… You would have been planning for the next 4 years through insulting and sacking your opponents. The man is a con business man. While he keeps crying foul and claiming he won his supporters are loyally contributing for the court cases while he pushes 70% for his debts and 30% to his party.

  • They need the money now more than ever before. Political Capitalism at its best. To the ignorant people rolling your eyes at his comment, just wait a few weeks and it will all make sense. Its too bad the Democrats had to use fake ballots etc, and gave their supporters alot of false hope.. Trying to impeach a president on lies wasnt a mockery?
  • Almost every 4 years there are recounts but yet everyone is telling Trump to shut up and go away. When we know sleepy Joe wasnt even able to put together a sentence but he got more votes then Obama. The first year we switch to massive mail in votes. Nothing to see here. Sumit Hridayesh the USA is and always was a constitutional republic.
  • If you understood that you would realize how your comment is absurd on several levels. The election process is underway. Most of the idiots commenting here don’t have a clue what that means, including you. It’s not over lol… Sorry communists, but you’ll have to wait some more before the victory you claim becomes reality.

Until then, your noises are amusing. my point exactly. I come from a country where election fraud can be a national sport, so I know it when I see it. No American should agree to let this slide. Also, no country in the world is free. No person in the world is free. And day in and day out we give up more of our freedoms and liberties.

A new normal they call it… sick.  we’re trying, but as you can see there are millions of “useful idiots” more than happy to lose their only voice in government as long as the outcome they’ve been conditioned to believe they want occurs. It’s a bit late to deprogram the indoctrinated at this point. However, if we can get through this crisis, education is essential.

It won’t be easy. Yes, Mr. President! We American citizens always see your patriotism! We voted for You, and only You can be qualified as our president, to make America great again! No one has the right to steal or misappropriate it. May God always be by your side and bless you with strength and energy to fight the devils and crimes.

Wu-Tang Clan Ugly Christmas Hoodie

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