Easily distracted by aircraft poster


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41. Latebiokorshie, Accra. Your problem is you always globalize what ever you are talking which is not true and good. #stoparmenianterrorism Easily distracted by aircraft poster #stoparmenianaggression #KARABAKHISAZERBAIJAN… . I agree with 1. Esquerra de lEixample, Barcelona. Thank. DTLA ????? Hahahahahha . What a joke !!. #StopAzerbaijaniAggression #RecognizeArtsakh #ArtsakhPeace #ArtsakhStrong https://www.facebook.com/dream.on.01/posts/4805677412783379. It’s areal catalunya for tour. Yes. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCK4MQWFxdSJeI-_k1FwsAtQ YOUTUBE.COM The Truth With Maryjane. A sad video about the last dramatic months in NYC https://youtu.be/MlI79EQxLe8 YOUTUBE.COM New York… the day before tomorrow – dramatic 5 months 2020 #M83 #Covid-19 #blm #NYC. Cần Nên Biết Hoa Kỳ đã mở mắt rồi. Hiểu rằng buôn bán giao thiệp với Cộng sản ích lợi gì? Những đồng tiền bẩn và những thiệt hại khốc liệt. Cộng Sản đã cho Mỹ một bài học rất “Việt cộng” nên Mỹ bị chết trên 200 ngàn dân; chính gia đình vợ chồng của … See More YOUTUBE.COM TT Donald Trump ‘tấn công trực diện’ CNXH TT Donald Trump ‘tấn công trực diện’ CNXH

Easily distracted by aircraft poster

Easily distracted by aircraft poster A1

NOTHING could have been done to avoid this person from dying . I AM SORRY but it is the unfortunate reality. It was said when this whole thing started 14 days to SLOW THE SPREAD. To prepare the hospitals for this pandemic. It was said the people under … . It is disgusting to see anyone to vote for Trump.. Just this season version of Easily distracted by aircraft poster They are for the children starving…. CNNS negative interpretation of everything Trump says…. Even if Trump says CNN is good”…CNN will find a negative meaning to it . What’s wrong with his statement ?i m not a big fan of trump however he is saying the right thing ppl are dying because of COVID fear. We all have to be strong enough to fight back the virus rather buy what media is trying sell here.. Sharmian Groulx He is now in the middle of another super spreader event in Florida. Like I said before. He is killing off his base! Please take care of yourselves, because he won’t!

Easily distracted by aircraft poster

Easily distracted by aircraft poster A2

Its a world wide Pandemic caused by a n american supported Lab in Wuhan. Not Trumps fault. Look at other countries and see whats happening. Sadly in America the Virus is used as a tool for election. Meanwhile doctors are still scrambling. Thanks to the… . Randall Hardt
Don’t let the flu ‘dominate your life’
Don’t let cancer ‘dominate your life’. People at risk need to stay home.. Stupid man who is uncapable of expressing himself in an appropiate manner. He may have been born into money but he has never had class.. Abdull Mudalib Budul. Yes life goes on I agree. Its really rich to say that though when you have the best care in the world, with 10 doctors working around the clock.. He is not responsible for bringing corona virus he is telling us to be strong not to fear because fear is devil’s greatest weapon. Trump thinks everyone is as self-centered and selfish as he is. Sadly, he’s right about a portion of his supporters.

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Dont let it dominate your life, says a man who had immediate access to the most cutting-edge treatments. Normal people would have to wait until they were critical, before having access to even a fraction of the care the President has at Walter Reed.. Without fear of the disease the human body can fight anything. If you don’t agree with every single thing this president has done, then perhaps it’s time to give someone else a try.. Sad that 200,000 plus have perished but the US has over 330 million residents.. Blame game is getting old af! And boring. There are a lot I dislike andd or agree but I don’t sit behind my computer and talk crap about another human being repeatedly. Y’all act as if your so perfect. Real educated person is seen through your behavior… . Trump doesn’t see anything outside of himself. Dont let his words dominate you, he’s not worth it.

Studies of doom . I dont think there is superhabitable planet like Earth. If there is one nature will evolve life there. Nature choose better place for life. Robert Burrola. Mother Earth Plan A There is NO Plan B
Only Humans home But …
We don’t take care of it!!. Was earth not ‘superhabitable’ before making contact with man ?. it’s best not let humans go inhabit there or the utopian paradise be destroyed in no time. So God or Whatever they believe created the superhabitable planets” is stupid not to create life in them?. The supernatural wouldn’t let you leave to go and poison another planet,even with them just being in space I’m sure they have some kinda sickness now. So you’re basically looking for a planet-sized WAP?. Warmer and wetter sounds like all the things Democrat’s claim global warming is causing . Probably it will take 100k years to get there. If we go there now on a huge spaceship, it will take about generations of humans before we get there.

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