Man motorcycle it's not a phase it's my life poster


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Come back where you belong Manchester United.. happy one year though . Come back to United Wayne.I want to see next time you in United.That wish for only one of me.Have other fans of united that wish?You are my favourite player Wayne. Good Luck in the Derby.. The energy the desire the passion…. I used to myself wayne Rooney when I was small …. We really need you back there at old trafford as Asst. Manager…. One love United . Once a legend, always a legend, you’ll forever live in memories of all Manchester United fans. Love you my man and hope you get back to Old Trafford in near future. Sainey Gomez. No, you leave from my united. This is (One year ago today). Sad that Derby aren’t promoted to the Premier league. I wanted to see you in the epl for one last time. . Come back to Manchaster United our captain.

Man motorcycle it’s not a phase it’s my life poster

Man motorcycle it's not a phase it's my life poster A1

Frank Ramirez. Welcome with one of the best player on the world. What a brilliant photograph x. Big Man Utd fan. You always make the impossible look so easy and graceful. I’m not an MLS fan but went to a DC United game just to see you. ( would have love to meet you). I you made a PK and video it. I think you’re the MAN.. Lovely Photo Great men with Beatiful woman . My Legend My Hero. Top Man, hope use both enjoyed it mate. . I love you my man wayne Rooney’s we can never forget you in United. Fish Friday tomorrow …….love it xx. Wow….. beautiful mood……can I come join you guys. Where’s our invite only kidding Enjoy. Happy holidays Captain!. One day to come back to united and coach. Miss you in United come back soon. Would love to see you have a coaching position in United.

Man motorcycle it’s not a phase it’s my life poster

Man motorcycle it's not a phase it's my life poster A2

I’m handicapped, I have a spinal impairment, I have sat at home, I can’t work, I can’t move, I have hip pain, spinal discomfort, and I need help buying a bio-therapy, an April 50-milligram syringe, which each week takes a subcutaneous injection for thr… See More. If it wasn’t for Giggs I would name my first born son after you, always at heart, the true legend of all time n may the Almighty God bless you Wayne. Ronnie, the golden man and the little hawk. thanks Rooney for the great achievement in the red devil iam Young talented player in kenya who want to play in your team derby county if interested on me just say hae to me. Sainey Gomez. How old is kai now champion?. Lovely photo of you and your son xx. Tôi đến từ Việt Nam. Thích phong cách chơi bóng của bạn.. Happy to see that where you are the sea is blue. Whereas here in Mauritius, our blue and crystal sea is now covered with petrol from a wrecking marine vessel called the WAKASHIO. Please we need help here.

Man motorcycle it's not a phase it's my life poster A3

Wow! Kai is a man now. Well done Rooney.. Good Rooney. I have personally seen you in Kenya when Everton was playing Kariobangi Sharks.Welcome again and see beautiful Maasai Mara. Bro you need to visit Saint Lucia and take your family into our beautiful Sulphur Springs which is great for your skin.
You will enjoy the Island as well.. You were a great symbol of Man United and wherever you are we remember the golden age of Man United. Great man for the développement of football in the world “hats off” with u ,god blessed u n your familly !. Thank you for continued support of the Barbadian economy our island needs it!. I’ll wait for that time when i shall see you on a touchline as a manager of one great club. I know you can make it. It’s so possible. You’re a legend.. Love it. Have fun! Miss you playing for Man United!!!!

Legend ! We always miss you !. Legend is always best. You are handsome Rooney. Hope one day u’ll come back to United to be a manager… Your my all time favorite. You are the one who makes me be a fan of man united. we love you UNITED legend…how’re you?. You have to go Galápagos islands, Ecuador. Come visit namibia man.. we have evything here! I tell you everything.. Legendary ROONEY. Hello Wayne Rooney please ,help me to continue with University the cost is $5000 for four years of bachelor degree in pharmacy ,and also the money will cover University fees, stationery fees, hostel fees,food and other expenses.Thanks also anyone who i… See More. I see the Rodney’s are bathing on the banks of the river humber again nice picture that it must of been on a Sunday as there is no ships going down river on a Sunday get back to man utd lol

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