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I was thinking the exact same thing! So the dog learns that when you love and trust someone they leave you.. I don’t know how you can be friends and than just let them go it would be so hard for me to let go and I always wonder what goes on in the dogs head when they have to leave thinking you Would be their forever family. I cannot believe you would give her up. Mexican dance live love dance poster. You can list all the reasons why you did but she didn’t need a car or a yard, she needed you.. I have no yard and live in a tiny studio with 2 dogs, one pittie mix and one corgi mix. Before that I lived in an RV. You make time to walk your dogs and take them to parks and such. If you really love em, that’s all that really matters.. Wow.. As soon as she opened to her new “family” she got dumped. That must have broken her heart. Hope I’m wrong.

Mexican dance live love dance poster

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I’m so sorry when I started reading and seeing this I thought she was your dog you should do everything you can to keep her she loves you now she wants you guys to be her family she doesn’t want a new family. You must keep her!!! That dog bonded and imprinted with yall,, you are her family now.. don’t abandon her again!. I need therapy now! . I know how important fosters are but it breaks my heart each time a dog trusts the fosters and then they release the dog to another family. Especially for this situation. Tiffany is going to be so heartbroken. P.S. I’m sure that a good fsmily will take… See More. I think you should keep her home is where the heart is and she loves you too. Our rescue growls at bedtime we just hug her and she stops eventually and they turn into demands for pets! Who knows what happens in their previous lives eh!

Mexican dance live love dance poster

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I agree 100% that you SHOULD KEEP Tiffany!!! Omg, I can’t stand the thought of that poor girl feeling abandoned & heart-broken when you send her away!!! It’s horrible! I love & appreciate that you both have helped her so much! But, that makes it ev… See More. You should just adopt her , she is loves you both. She will adapt to what you have and what you can give her. Great story. Would love to know the outcome though. Mexican dance live love dance poster. I hope that poor girl didn’t just go back to the kennels. . Nooooooooooo it doesn’t matter about having a car, or a back yard. She needs and loves you!! She’s given you her trust, then she’s being abandoned again. That’s not fair!! U really need to keep her!! You won’t find a better beautiful loving dog than Ti… See More. Fostering animals and children would be so hard! Hard to give that body to someone after you’ve bonded with him or her. As much as I love animals and children, I couldn’t do it!

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I’d love to adopt a doggy that needs a loving home , but I’m in the uk and here , they have so many rules on adopting a dog , it’s not even worth us trying. What a lovely dog she is. She trusts you she does not address nobody does not matter how much space you got she loves you guys she loves when you can take her take her you should never let her go she’ll wonder what happened to the people that’s supposed to love me you just sadd… See More. the “growl” is her talking.. just her way of communicating..not aggressive!. Its amazing to see a dog or any animal start trusting humans again. Makes my heart flutter. Good on you guys. Think she should stay with you after learning to trust you. After abandonment a 2and time she may not trust again. That would be really sad. A… See More

Beyond adorable. Can’t get enough of him.. Never seen a hairless rabbit. He’s adorable. Thank you. We all are capable of love, loving animals with respect is a great way to raise your children.. He is to precious and angel and adorable and handsome just the way he is hes so lucky to have a mum who loves him so much yr his bunny angel . “His breeder??” Why on earth would anybody need to breed rabbits? P.S. He’s darling. I love his little sweaters!. It doesn’t matter what you look like everyone deserves love and this little baby is getting a lot.. I was so relieved to know that he was born without fur. I honestly thought some heartless monster skinned him. He is so cute and I’m glad he looks like that naturally.. This is really a wonderful rescue! Such an adorable rabbit and his sweater wardrobe!!. Everything has a special quality. This little guy has more than others. Handsome to the core in his special way, he deserves that special care and love he is getting from his family. Thanks y’all for making this video and making my day.

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