Scuba it's not a phase it's my life poster


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Wish I could be there like I have been at all the previous ones. I was a man utd fan and that gave me the chance to see you!and you became derby county’s player. And you gave me the chance to see derby county! And many people love man utd and Arsenal Here in my country Ethiopia! You need to know this East African… See More. Wayne Rooney ,,,I respect your my name is Abel looking for a club to play in England I cameing from Kenya in Africa. Jacob Malaba. Wish we were there to see you back where you belong x. I miss you my idol ..#Manchester_United. UK Should do More Charity games. I’d Love to play at Goodison Park for Aspie over 50s v Office Workers over 50s LLM. England’s greatest managing England; this can only get better. Awesome one of my favorite footballer. We’re missing you from United’s fans

Scuba it’s not a phase it’s my life poster

Scuba it's not a phase it's my life poster A1

You’re hero, all time Manchester unit top scorer, Wayne Rooney wazza legend.. funny comments everyone, Rooney has run out of time at Manchester United, let him have fun at the end of his career.. How can i get in touch of Wayne Rooney, or his representative, important matter, thank you regards. You are Everton,Man united & England hero We man united fans love you.. It`s because of you that I support United because of you,I learned to love United.. Rooney just come back to how Manchester United to be how assistant coach manger. No negative comments about City please! Let City and their fans enjoy this moment. I know Wazza enjoyed the game last night as well.. Rooney has shaved it off, hot weather!. Miss you at Old Trafford legend. Come back home. The Rams’ guiding light. Tremendous player, superb influence and an absolute joy to watch.. My favorite actress of all time to the world!!

Scuba it’s not a phase it’s my life poster

Scuba it's not a phase it's my life poster A2

The boy in yellow is your reflection from the mirror.. Lovely family. All the best. I notice only one point. The second and the fourth look very serious like their father. The guy in blue seems to be promising. Guess he has potential of becoming a striker, the same way his dad he’s been doing.. Looks like the 4 dalton brothers from Lucky Luke . They all have bright faces and smiling meaning you are a scorer on family matters, keep it high Wayne Rooney. The boy in yellow… little Wayne. Looks like little Rooney is your exact carbon copy.. The last Rooney looks so much like the dad.. will be the future stars like their daddy. Very colourful where’s the red black and white lol. Man U – that’s the spelling I see. Lovely family. I pray they are live the legacy and play for the Greatest Club ever – the Great Manchester United

Scuba it's not a phase it's my life poster A3

Hey Wayne, we all love you and we all want you to return at old Trafford as a head coach . Every United players want you at old Trafford . Please please return at old Trafford . When ever I see you playing I feel blessed. I am very proud to have a idol like you my favorite player of all time. You are the greatest of all time. Love you My idol
#WayneRooney. Rooney you’re still a great player, you need to work on your weight . Still some barbecue hanging out, trim it before the season starts! . Wayne you’re still a great player in England you need tocome back a old Trafford like a manager of the team in the next few years. I miss you played time in Manchester united. Fighting Wayne.You are real legend of Manchester united and I never forget you.. We have missed you a lot at united, it will be better if you retire from football in united shirt again

White pale for man utd,great player, real fighter, top class,kindly retired at man utd. National velvet liz Taylor MICKEY rooney pie horse real. You are a great person and a legend. We will never forget you.. Wayne Rooney we are really missing you. Peter Beardsley hunchback growth on me back nossradamus basket case devil. Miss u Rooney go back to Man United . Great talent you are. Keep up. my Like. My favorite midfielder of all time, playing for the budge. Saint James Bond 25 all me crazy watching yah self cool FORKER lol. WR10….pls don’t forget to visit Man United dressing room from time to time if time permit you . Idol since Euro 2004 . Andy grey me Roy Keane queen argument on TV lol. You lost against Peter Davies. Used to be a legend you Wayne. I wish you the best, train well and start new season while you are fit enough to help your team go to the next level.

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