Walk barefoot listen to the wind poster


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Once a red will always be red, you could be a derby player yes, but your heart ,blood and blood vessels are always Manchester United .. We will always celebrate you our captain legend. #GGMU. Come to Sydney and have a run Family will love it. A better defence you will come back stronger. Prepare well for next season. David Thang. Irene Roberts. Yes. still an absolute player..!!!. Wayne Wazza!!u will always be a hero. Pls don’t retire , a full season will definitely be a premier league return. Once a red is always a red, you have spoken well. Come to premier league playing clubs… don’t waste the time playing under division clubs…you are the legend of England….. Rooney kept us in the chase this year. The man is a true legend and could easily play in that role for 2 more seasons.. Good effort Derby from an Everton fan. Wayne Rooney back to United

Walk barefoot listen to the wind poster

Walk barefoot listen to the wind poster A1

I’m buying your bitcoin @ Good rate DM me if you have 100% secured and trusted,. Good Luck and Congratulations Wayne . Congrats Wayne!. Congratulations Wazza miss you at United . Wish you all the luck you deserve ! Best wishes Captain Fantastic Rooney !! X. Congratz & good luck champ . Congrats wazza, all the best in your coaching career. . Well done Wazza. Good luck.. Waawooo good luck and great to see you wayne Rooooney. Good LUCK Legend. Good for you!!!!!!. Good Luck Captain Wayne . Congrats Wayne!. Best of luck Wazza Roo. Gud luck Rooney,#united family. love you . Henrie Horlarh Pretty much happy for you Wazza…. Congratulations Waza. I love you Wayne.. Wishing you all the best Good luck Roney Love you forever. Kodjovi Fambo. i believe in you !!. Wishing you all the best. Good luck king waza. Congratulations. The Best . Congratulations Wayne! You’re doing an inspiring job

Walk barefoot listen to the wind poster

Walk barefoot listen to the wind poster A2

Please Rooney, he should be playing at old Trafford . Missing you Wayne. And where did yours go Wayne?. Rise of the 2nd Gareth Bale. Is that hole in one strike?. Thank you for seeding us your young players looks amazing. . He’s grown up so fast . He has his father’s eye for the ball, well done Kai. Sainey Gomez. Wow Kai has grown really fast.
Thanks for looking after him.. i want him to wear M.U jersey one day. Good shot good fall back if the football don’t work out. BLESSINGS Wayne FAMILY PAC GOOD HEALTH AMEN – 23 SAW GRASS SEGA BEAT THAT FOUR ROUNDS – 45 DARK HORSE. Royal Westmoreland? Beautiful course Wayne . 3 off the tee . Bring him to Manchester United football Acadimy. Australia white bear fav. Idol Rooney. Việt nam rooney ơi. Very good !!. A proud daddy. Well done. Wow. good, my lovely player

Walk barefoot listen to the wind poster A3

Gareth would be proud . Cracking little swing on him there wayne . Julia Welsh. Great technique, Well done Kai!. Nice compact little swing.. Would love to see him play the game.. That’s a golf shot . Is it just me . But I hear a ping of the shot . Before he hits the ball. “ Future champion winner !!. kai is left-handed? Imagine a left-handed Rooney at United. But I don’t know if he plays football. Only if he can challenge the great Gareth. Great job, Kai !!. The Lads got a shwwiinngggg. We’ve got ourself a Gareth bale 2.0. Well done Kai xx. Wayne, please call me on 232 0342. Got a portrait that need signing in Rihanna Drive.. Well done Kai. Growing up fast.. Awesome! What course?. Why not football like daddy. Nice shots “Kai” . I wish you can come back to Manchester United… Missing u legend

Sainey Gomez
R.I.P to jack united will always be remembered you as a legend. R.I.P SIR CHARLTON. Sad my condelance goes to family and friend and all fans. Of manchester united. Manchester united fan from KENYA.. One of the best players ever, RIP, condolences to his family. RIP, great Player a Sad loss so Lamentable Our Condolences You left a lot of Sweet Memories big legend and good Friend.. RIP big Jack, had a few football laughs at Alicante airport, when you hired your cars.. RIP a true football legend. A sad day. Condolences to the family and Bobby and family.. So sorry. Condolences from the bottom of my heart. At this time that #mutd are having a flying finish, we should not be having to deal with any bad news. The most loved Englishman in Ireland. R.I.P. Big Jack.. A man who has a huge influence on the game we all love! RIP Big Jack!

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