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Don’t spread fog stop making genocid. Wake up people. Thanks WHO ,Singaporean citizens and government of Singapore for relentless support migrant workers specially Bangladeshi workers .. Why does merscov sars1 etc.did not spread like covid they have same symtoms like covid in thier time?.and now covid spread world wide in an instant .i just remember thier is no social media yet in that time,. People in government and mainstream media have to be charged with crimes against humanity for this PLANDAMIC!. Singapore beautiful this is singapore. Newsflash, migrants cause more problems than they can solve. Stay in your country, and stop plaguing perfectly fine EU and NA countries, yeah?. Bilgates is anti population person he’s dangerously man. In pakistan imran nìazi got huge amount of aid from UNO and other countries but he did not delivered it to corona patients and made money out of it. Every diseases,poor condition,& failed it’s part of evil,so the key to destroyer of all, every soul of people must be accept Yesus as the only way to solved the all problem Because Yesus is the saviour . Don’t ever depent on your own. Becouse you are n… See more Poster yorkshire terrier I am your friend

Yorkshire terrier I am your friend poster

Yorkshire terrier I am your friend poster A1

Mana Ongram Poster yorkshire terrier I am your friend Not a important but much be 2 days a week and in Thailand still can make a spot with a. An Excellent and Extraordinary Advice given by your beloved Honourable Goodself Sir.. As well take yr C for immunity & detox.. NO VIRUS! ITS ALL ALREADY DEID, CLIMATE CHANGE ONLY, HIGH LEVEL OF AIR POLLUTION!. Go to your father vice you will see it. You think most seniors over 65 can still do that!! Dream on. How about this neuropaty problem?in human health. Nothing keeps fit like ma daily gymning. Love you guys.. Stay safe sane and sanitized . WHO help me to differenciate the differences between bacteria and virus.. Yah we are suffering I accept but Tnk God we are still alive. Why nobody help me, im verry sick, im diabetic, im so poor, i need cash for buy my medicine. God protectes us from c ovid 19

Yorkshire terrier I am your friend poster

Yorkshire terrier I am your friend poster A2

I think you WHO should be clear about exercise not only gym but also hard cores such as washing clothes,digging etc.. Great advise! Staying healthy by exercising regularly! . We hope those kits used for corona are not detecting other viruses as Covid 19 virus to avoid confusion.. Ys it’s absolutely right now a days pt do great job in this filed proper excercise gives ur body fit nd fine not only excercise many other therapy done by pt for muscles nd bones heallty nd fit……. Proud to be pt . Three a minimum or every other day some form of exercise.. Let’s be active for a better and healthier life together.. You WHO should elaborate different between HIV&AIDS virus and that of CORONA and also their similarities.. I’m homeless need place to live. How sure are you WHO,that those kits of Covid 19 detects only Corona virus not multiple viruses?

Yorkshire terrier I am your friend poster A3

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